Contractor Safety Management System Overview

Woolworths Limited

Woolworths Limited is committed to putting Safety, Health and Wellbeing at the centre of what we do and has implemented a Contractor Safety Management System across all business units within the group. The Contractor Safety Management System adopts a risk based approach to categorise and manage contractors based on the work they perform on our sites. This website presents more detailed information about what the Contractor Safety Management System is and who has to use it.

All contractors, vendors, demonstrators, merchandisers or other business entities who perform or are going to perform work on a Woolworths Limited site are required to register in the Woolworths Limited Contractor Safety Management System prior to commencing work.

The Contractor Safety Management System requires all companies to register and provide various company details. 

As part of this process, important supporting documents must be uploaded. These typically include, insurances (Workers Comp/Public Liability) and trade licences. 

Companies may also be required to submit further information on their Safety Management Systems for review (also known as an SMS Review). This is determined by the type of work that they will be performing on site. 

It is also a requirement that all individuals actually performing work on site undertake the Woolworths Limited Online Safety Induction. This is a simple process whereby the worker is required to familiarise themselves with the Woolworths Limited safety requirements by reading a number of information modules and answering a series of assessment questions to confirm understanding.

Once the individual has passed this course, they will be issued a Woolworths Contractor Safety Card and ID number to print as proof of successful induction completion. It is a requirement to have this information on hand when signing in to work on any Woolworths Limited site.

The Contractor Safety Management System is managed on behalf of Woolworths Limited by an external company, Pegasus Safety and powered by contractor management software Onsite Track Easy (a division of Pegasus).

This process does not apply to employees of Woolworths Limited. 


Various store brands included as Woolworths Limited sites:





WOW Contractor is managed by Pegasus and powered by Onsite Track Easy



Pegasus is a pioneer in the development of site-based risk management and compliance systems.

Based in Singleton, New South Wales, with offices in Newcastle, Gunnedah, Muswellbrook and Mudgee, Pegasus has been providing a suite of professional services including contract employment, training, safety, survey and drafting advice to businesses in the mining, transport, construction, retail and manufacturing industries for almost 25 years. 




Onsite Track Easy

Onsite is best-of-breed, web-based software that via strategically located logpoints and world-class data storage uses a universal photo identification to monitor staff and contractor access and movement.

Onsite provides an accurate and transparent record of all safety related information allowing a clear and accurate view of any exposure to risk.