If you are an individual who will perform work on a Woolworths Limited site, you must complete the Woolworths Limited Safety Induction before starting any work on site.

To successfully complete the induction you will be given information to read and be required to answer a series of assessment questions.

At the end of the induction process you will be given the option to print a paper copy of the Woolworths Contractor Safety Card or download the information to your phone. For those who have purchased a physical plastic Woolworths Contractor Safety Card, this will be mailed out to your company representative. You must show this card on arrival at a Woolworths Limited site before starting any work.

If you move to work for a different company or business entity that is or will be providing services to Woolworths Limited, please advise your new employer to contact Pegasus Safety to arrange for your details to be updated.

To start the Woolworths Limited Online Safety Induction, please contact your employer.

They will book you in to the relevant induction module and an automated course email will be sent to you. Simply click the link contained in the email to undertake the induction.

Safety Induction Modules are also available for download on the Documents & Information page.

Employers, please click Register Now to set up your employees for the induction.