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Documents & Information

Please click the links below to download the associated PDF as required.

Woolworths Limited Principles and Policies >>

Safety, Health & Environment Vision and Principles

Safety and Health Policy

Contractor Documents >>

Contractor Safety Framework

Work, Health and Safety Document – Principal Contractors

Work, Health and Safety Document – Trade Contractors

Acknowledgements >>

Work Place Clearance Group (WPCG) Acknowledgement

Retail FM Safety Acknowledgement

Revenue Acknowledgement

Safety Induction Modules >>

General Safety V3.6 September 2014

Repairs & Maintenance V3.5 August 2014

Petrol Contractors V3.5 September 2014

Please note: To complete the induction and assessment questions, your employer must book you in through the registration portal. More information is available on the Individuals page.

The General Safety induction module is to be completed by everyone who wants to work on a Woolworths Limited site. You may be required to complete extra modules depending on the type of work you’ll do.

Combinations of the above induction modules are available in the bookings portal if your role includes more than one task or area.

Help Documents >>

Retail FM Portal User Guidelines_Companies

Retail FM Portal User Guidelines_Employees

Safe Work Method Statements overview

Pegasus Safety Management System Knowledge Base